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All parts are second hand, used and sold as-is, and have not been reconditioned or serviced prior to sale (unless otherwise stated). Our specialist staff take all the care to ensure parts are in working order, however, in some instances it may not be possible to fully test some parts.

Please make sure your mechanic tests your part/parts before installation. Our warranty does not cover labour or extra costs associated with the fitting or removal of faulty parts. Nor does it cover freight. All warranty parts must be returned to us at your own expense. If the goods are defective, we expressly assume no liability beyond the value of the merchandise sold, nor for any damage cause by defective goods.

Warranty Terms as on the reverse side of your tax invoice:


All warranty claims must be referred to the “company” before any work commences and/or any parts returned must be in the same conditions as when sold.

No warranty will be given on parts which have been abused or disassembled, dismantled or parts removed for further inspection, without the Company’s prior approval. Oil leaks are not covered under warranty. Warranty is voided if the part has been used in any other manner than normal road use. In the event of “any signs” of malfunction, it is the customer’s responsibility to cease operation of the vehicle and report the problem to the Company. Failure to comply with this condition may result in more serious consequential damage and void any warranty.

– All goods sold by the Company are second-hand and sold ‘as is’ unless otherwise notified by the Company in writing.
– It is the responsibility of the purchaser to see that they have purchased the correct parts.
– The Company is not responsible for consequential loss, damage or loss of income due to failure of parts sold.


The Company accepts no responsibility for freight including glass, once the part has been dispatched from our premises. It is entirely the risk of the purchaser. The Company will not refund broken glass or goods damaged in transit. The Company prefers that all clients arrange their own freight; however the  company will assist the customer with any Companies freight providers as the risk of the customer.

Engine Warranty:

1. The thermostat must be removed from the engine and replaced with a new thermostat. Do not use a second-hand thermostat.
2. If the engine has a timing belt it must be replaced with a new one before fitment of the engine.
3. The water pump is second-hand. It is advisable to replace it with a new one, if you choose to use a second-hand water pump you will do so at your own risk,  and it will not be covered under warranty.
4. Service your radiator and replace radiator cap. Use professional radiator Company, do not flush the radiator yourself.
5. The Company advises to change front and rear crank seals. Oil leaks are not covered by warranty.
6. Change oil, fuel and air filters.
7. The engine has no oil. Fill to the correct level and tighten sump bolt as it may be loose before running engine for the first time.
8. If you choose to install the engine privately and not through a mechanical workshop by a licensed mechanic, the entire warranty will be void.

Warranty does not cover any accessories on the engine such as alternator, starter motor etc.

Transmission Warranty:

1. Check all seals and gaskets before fitting and change if required.
2. Manual or Automatic transmission sold are second-hand and may have not been tested. Where possible all parts have been tested prior to removal.
3. If a Manual or Automatic transmission is faulty, labour for reinstallation, transport, income loss, towing fees are not covered by warranty.
4. The Manual or Automatic transmission has no oil. Fill to correct level and tighten drain plugs as it may be loose. Oil leaks are not covered under warranty.

The Company and Tile of Goods:

The company herein refers to the company of “FIRST CLASS WRECKERS PTY LTD”, Lot 2 Penny Lane Burleigh Heads Qld 4220.
ACN 622 721 224
Wrecker License: 4202978.
Ph: 0755221525

Title of Goods: until payment is made in full the title to the goods remains with the company although loss and/or damage risk passes to the customer at the  time the part/parts leave the Companies premises.